Welcome to the website of Wilmat Application Software.

Stallion by Wilmat is the leading accounts package designed and developed for the Racing Industry. Go to the Stallion pages for further information.

Payroll by Wilmat is an easy to use payroll system that takes the hassle out of managing your employees. The system includes the latest ATO tax tables, the SuperStream superannuation payment processing, electronic processing of employee tax declarations and annual payment summaries. Further information is available by selecting Payroll on my website.

Party Hire by Wilmat is an invoicing and stock control system that I have created for the Party Hire industry. It is a simple and easy to use system that will allow you to manage your client orders and provide effective control over your stock. Visit our Party Hire pages to learn more about this exciting system.

01-Oct-2016 IPhone App Updated

An updated version of the Stallion by Wilmat IPhone App is now available in the ITunes App Store.

The App has been updated to run on an IPad.  You can also add new Horses and make changes to existing Horses in the database. Additions and changes to Horses will be uploaded into your Stallion by Wilmat database when you export either Notes or Charges from the App and download them into Stallion.

The Android App will soon be updated to allow the Additions and changes to Horse information.

When you update your App please update your Stallion by Wilmat software.  You can do this from Stallion by selecting Files / Update Stallion.

25-Sep-2016 New PAYG Tax Tables

New PAYG Tax Tables come into effect from 1st October 2016.

The Australian Government has increased the 32.5% tax threshold from $37,001 - $80,000 to $37,001 - $87,000. As a result, tax tables have changed for employees who earn over $80,000.

The updated tax tables are available in the latest Wilmat Payroll Version, V3.17, which is now available for download.  Select Update Payroll from the Wilmat Payroll Files menu to access this update.

This update also includes a number of tidy up type changes as well as a new Help file.

27-Jun-2016 Price Increase 1st July 2016

The price for software and support charges will increase on 1st July 2016 as follows:

Stallion by Wilmat $450.00 $495.00
Stallion by Wilmat Annual Support & Update Service $150.00 $165.00
Payroll by Wilmat $240.00 $264.00
Payroll by Wilmat Annual Support & Update Service $100.00 $110.00


This is the first price increase since July 2010.