About Wilmat

Wilmat Application Software has been developing, marketing and supporting computer accounting systems since May 1985.   From that time until mid 1995 we have been developing systems using the 4th generation database development language, DataFlex.    Since mid 1995 we have been developing Windows based applications using Borland Delphi.   In January 2000 we switched our development platform to Microsoft Visual Basic and set about redeveloping our major software products using the Visual Basic language.

Our work with the Australian Trainers' Association over the past eight years has fostered our interest in the Horse Racing Industry.   Our Stallion system developed for the Horse Racing Industry is a comprehensive Windows based accounting system.  The system has been designed in conjunction with the Australian Trainers' Association and with input from leading horse trainers.   The system has evolved from our very successful Trainers' Management Package and is enjoying wide acceptance from leading trainers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

During the 2000 redevelopment of our Stallion System we decided to concentrate on the Debtors (Owners) module and to build an interface that would allow Receipts and Sales to be exported from the system for import into MYOB and other accounting packages.    Not only did this allow us the opportunity to specialise in that part of the accounting that was unique to the Racing Industry but is also gave us  the opportunity to reduce the cost of the system thereby giving us access to a much wider section of the racing industry.

We are currently in the process of completing refinements to our redeveloped Party Hire System.   Recent marketing efforts have allowed us to expand our Party Hire client base.