Party Hire by Wilmat - Overview

The Party Hire System is the leading Hire Industry software developed in Australia by Wilmat Application Software.

This system has been developed to cater for the specific requirements of the Hire Industry.  It has been developed based upon over ten years experience in the Industry and in consultation the major players in the industry.

The Party Hire System by Wilmat has many features that enable you to make use of the latest technology to improve your efficiency, provide a better service to your customers and to save you time.

Some of these features include:

  • Quotes/Orders/Invoices by Email
    The system will allow you to prepare a quote/order/invoice and to send it directly to your client by Email.  These documents will be emailed to your customer  in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) file attachment to an email message.  The PDF attachment can be read using the ADOBE reader which is freely available on the internet.

  • Melways Lookup
    The Melways lookup is an option extra available with the system.  This will allow you to search the Melway street index and record the Melway map number and reference against the order.

  • Multiple Databases
    If your business operates from multiple locations you can establish a database for each location.  When you commence a processing session you select the require database.

  • Document Format
    Wilmat is able to offer customised quote/order/invoice formats.  If you would like to personalise your stationery format, contact Wilmat for a no obligation quotation.

  • OnLine Help
    The On-Line Help will provide you with quick access to instructions and tips relating to most facilities within the system.  As is common practice with today's software we do not provide a printed manual with the system, preferring to provide extensive on-line help with the system.  Our experience has shown that the on-line help is always available and is constantly updated as new versions of the system are suppied.

  • Kits
    Stock Items can be grouped into kits.  A Kit can consist of any number of stock items and any quantity of each item.  Kits are an invaluable feature where are group of items are normally hired together as on the case of Marquees.

  • Multiple Contact Names
    Each customer can have an unlimited number of contact names, phone numbers and email addresses.