Online Payments

Annual Support fees can now be paid via the Australia Post Secure Pay Service. You can access the Secure Pay service by selecting Pay Online on the Stallion by Wilmat or Payroll by Wilmat registration screen.

Refund Policy
If you make a payment through the Secure Pay service then change your mind about accessing the Annual Support and Update Service, please contact the office.

Wilmat will happily refund any payments made if you subsequently change your mind regarding the Annual Support and Update Service. Refunds cannot be provided if a payment has been made and you have downloaded a program update or have used the support service.

Delivery Time Frame
Once you have completed the payment process your registration details will be updated. You will then be able to complete the registration process for the coming 12 months.

Privacy Policy
Your credit card details are not retained by Wilmat Application Software. The payment information you enter will be processed on the Australia Post website and will not be transferred to or used by Wilmat Application Software.