JobKeeper Payments

A number of changes have been made to Wilmat Payroll to enable the recording of the JobKeeper Payments and to report those payments to the ATO via the Single Touch Reporting.

The JobKeeper payment has three elements. Firstly, you are required to inform the ATO that you wish to be reimbursed for an employees pay. You can do this by entering a JobKeeper Start transaction for the employee.

Secondly, if you wish to stop being reimbursed for an employee's pay you can enter a JobKeeper Finish transaction. You would stop being reimbursed for an employee's pay if the employee becomes ineligible to receive the JobKeeper payment. The employee may become ineligible due to a Worker's Compensation payment, if the employee's employment is terminated or because of a change of citizenship, visa or personal circumstances.

Thirdly, if an employee is paid less than $1500 per fortnight, they must be paid a 'top-up' payment to bring their gross pay to $1500. This top up pay must be paid by entering a JobKeeper Topup pay transaction.

To enter these JobKeeper pay transactions you should create three new paycodes as shown below.

When creating the JobKeeper Start pay code, select "JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx" in the "Pay Code Used For" field. Similiarly, select "JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FNxx" and "JOBKEEPER-TOPUP" in the "Pay Code Used For" fields for the JobKeeper Finish and JobKeeper Topup pay codes.

If the employee is paid $1500 or more record the pay entry in the usual manner. Record a JobKeeper Start transaction using the JobKeeper Start pay code. In this transaction, enter the fortnight in which reimbursement commences in the hours field.

If the employee is paid less than $1500, enter a JobKeeper Topup transaction using the JobKeeper Topup pay code to bring the fortnightly pay up to $1500.

When you use the JobKeeper pay codes as shown, Wilmat Stallion will output the JobKeeper details in your Single Touch Payroll file which you will lodge for transmission to the ATO. The JobKeeper transactions are shown in the "Other Allowances" field in the Single Touch Payroll export file. As there is only one field available in the Single Touch Payroll file the JobKeeper Start and JobKeeper Topup transacions cannot be entered in the same pay period. You should enter the JobKeeper Start transaction first, then, in the following pay period enter the JobKeeper Topup transaction. The JobKeeper Topup transaction can include backup pay for topups for prior pay periods.

Further Information

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