Do I include GST in charges that I enter?

No. All charges entered into the system should be entered EXCLUDING GST. The system will add GST to all items entered under a taxable Charge Code. If you wish to enter a charge that is GST free use a Charge Code that is GST free.

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How do I print my bank account details on my statements?

You can print your bank account details along with a short message on every statement that you print.

From the Menu select Files / Setup / Options. Click on Statement Options. In the field Statement Message #2 add a short message and include your BSB and Account number, for example:

"For direct payments please use BSB: 000-000 Account: 0000-0000
Use your account code or invoice number as a payment reference."

Keep the message brief. You can enter text on the second line by holding down the Control Key and pressing enter. This message will print on every statement just above the remittance advice.

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How do I print a statement for one owner?

In the Owner Statement Print Selections box click on the Print By "Owner".
Press the TAB key to proceed to the "From" window. The contents of the window will be highlighted. Notice that there are blanks in front of the "A" that appears in the window. When you enter the required owner code if all the blanks are not removed they will become part of the code you enter.

When the contents of the field are highlighted, typing will removed any highlighted characters. If the field is not highlighted and you replace the "A" with a code such as "ROB01" you may be asking the system to commence printing from code " ROB01". The leading spaces will cause the program to commence printing from the first owner on the file.

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I have run End of Period twice. What can I do to get back to the correct period?

If you have run End of Period twice your only option is to Restore your data to a previous backup. When you run End of Period the system will make an automatic backup copy of your database. The file will be called backup-yyyymm stallion data.mdb. Where yyyymm is the period number that was closed. For example, when you close off March 2010, the backup file will be called backup-200909 stallion data.mdb.

To restore your database, from the Menu select File / Restore. From the Resore screen, click on Locate to locate the file to restore. Your backup files will generally be in a folder called backup, which is located below the folder containing the Stallion by Wilmat program. In Version 2.xx systems it will be "C:\Program Files\Stallion\Backup". In Version 3.xx systems it will be "C:\Wilmat Stallion V3\Backup".

Click on the file to restore and select Open. Check the destination folder and file name to make sure they are correct.

Click Start to restore your database. Once the database has been restore, I recommend that you exit from the system and re-enter the system by selection the desktop icon. When you restart Stallion, the period number display should confirm that you have returned to the previous processing period.

If your are not confident about following this procedure, please ring for support. I would prefer to supervise the restore process rather than have you compound the problem by doing something wrong.

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