Party Hire by Wilmat Tour - Setup Wizard

Getting your Party Hire System up and running is very simple. When you open the Party Hire database for the first time you will be guided through the setup process by the Setup Wizard. Vital parameters must be in place before commencing data entry for Party Hire and it is highly recommended to use the Setup Wizard to get started.  

The Setup Wizard consists of several screens. Follow the instructions on each page of the Setup Wizard and on completion of the page click on the Next button to move to the next setup page. The Previous button (if present) can be selected to review or correct setup parameters on preceding pages.


Enter the dates as prompted and then click on the Processing Periods button then click on the Check Periods button to verify dates.

Party Hire has many options that allow you to tailor the operation of the system to your specific needs. The system has been setup with recommended option settings. Options can be changed at any time, so you may wish to leave the default options until you are more familiar with the operation of the system. Click on the Review Options button to view options.


Party Hire has a range of tax codes that are used to add GST to charges where applicable. The tax rate names are setup to line up with those used by MYOB. Click on the Review Rates button to view current setup.


Your Party Hire database should now be ready for you to commence the setting up of stock categories and items, customer categories and customers and hire quotes and orders.