Stallion by Wilmat - Phone / IPad Apps

The Stallion by Wilmat Phone App has been designed and developed by Wilmat Application Software. It has been designed to work in conjunction with our Stallion by Wilmat accounting program. The App will allow you to take your information away from your office and provide you with an easy to use and highly convenient method to have constant access to your Horse and Owner information.

The App will use a web based database, set up for use with a specific database serial number. Once I have established your web database you will be able to upload your data to the web database. The Stallion by Wilmat App running on your Phone or IPad will access this information and create a local copy of the database. The App will then operate using the local database. An internet connection is required to create the local database but is not required once the local database has been established.

The IPhone/IPad version of the App may be purchased from the App store at a cost of $24.99. Just seach for Wilmat in the App Store or click on the link below. An Android version is also available and may be downloaded by clicking the Android link below. The Android version is free of charge to registered Stallion by Wilmat users.

The Stallion by Wilmat Export program is used to upload your data to the web based database. Before you can export your data the web based database must be established by Wilmat. Select the Upload to Portable Device option on the Export screen and click Export The program will immediately commence uploading your data. A program message will be displayed once your database has been uploaded. The will take between 15 seconds and 1 minute depending upon your internet speeds and the volume of your data.

Once your data has been uploaded it can be imported into your IPhone/IPad or Android Phone using the Import Data menu option.

Navigate to this page on your Android device and click the download button below. Follow the prompts to authorise the download. Once the app has downloaded you will have an option to Open / Install the App.