Stallion by Wilmat - IPhone Tour

Stallion by Wilmat App - Menu

The Menu screen is provides access to the various functions within the App.

The Login and Import Data functions are available immediately, the remaining menu functions will become available once you have logged in and imported your data into the phone app.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Login

The Login screen is used to connect the App to the web and local databases. Enter the Serial Number of your or your database. The Serial number is displayed when you commence using the Stallion by Wilmat software program. Enter your Username and Password and press login to complete the login process.

Enter the Username and password you have entered into the Company setup program within Stallion by Wilmat.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Import Data

The Import Data screen enables the data stored on the web based database to be downloaded to the Phone. The data downloaded will be governed by the Serial Number, Username and Password previously entered into the login screen.

The App will display an "Invalid Serial Number" message if the data for the entered login details cannot be found or if an internet connection is not currently available.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Horses

This screen displays a list of horses under the care of the stable. Select the required horse to display the second screen which displays further information about the horse. Select the Back button to close the screen and return to the list of horses.

Press the Notes button to display a list of recent Notes relating to the Horse.

Press the Owners button to display a list of the Owners and Ownership percentages for the selected Horse.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Horse - Owners

This screen displays a list Owners and Ownership percentages for the selected Horse.

Selecting an Owner from the Ownership list will cause the App to display the details of the selected Owner.