Stallion by Wilmat - IPhone Tour -continued

Stallion by Wilmat App - Owners - Horses

This screen displays a list of horses which are owned or part owned by the selected Owner.

Select the required Horse to display the outstanding balances of the selected Horse for the selected Owner.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Owners - Calls

This screen displays a Phone, Mobile and Contact number for the selected owner. Click the Mobile, Phone or Contact Phone button at the foot of the screen to call the owner using the required phone number.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Charge Codes

This screen displays a list of Charge Codes from your Stallion by Wilmat accounts software. Select the required Charge Code to display further details about the charge code or click Add to create a new charge code.

You can change the Charge Code details as required. Click the Save button to save any change you make. Updated and new Charge Code details can be transferred back to your Stallion by Wilmat system. Refer to the Export function for further details.