Stallion by Wilmat Tour - Overview

Stallion by Wilmat is a comprehensive system with many features. It has a simple structure which makes it easy to setup and operate.

The two basic elements of the system are Owners and Horses. Owners and Horses are linked together with an Ownership Percentage. Each Owner can have Ownership Percentages in many Horses and each Horse can have many Owners.

Charges are recorded in the system against Horses at the GST exclusive value. The system has an End of Day process which takes each charge and divides it amongst the Owners based on the Ownership Percentage.

The system has a comprehensive range of reports which you can use to print your Owners Accounts as well as various reports to assist you with the management and operation of your business.

Information can be extracted from Stallion by Wilmat for transfer to your MYOB or Quickbooks accounting system.

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