Stallion by Wilmat Cloud Version - Overview

Stallion by Wilmat Cloud Version is a brand new version of our popular Stallion by Wilmat software program for the Horse Racing Industry.

Being Cloud based, it can be accessed from any browser on a PC, Apple Mac or IPad and does not require any installation onto your computer. The software that you access on your browser is always the latest version of the program. Your data resides on my secure Virtual Private Server.

The Stallion by Wilmat Cloud Version retains many of the features of our Stallion by Wilmat software with a number of new features, many of which have been able to be provided due to the cloud environment. If you are familiar with the Stallion by Wilmat software you will easily master the operation of the new cloud version.

If you are new to Stallion by Wilmat, a tour through the following pages will give you an understanding of the operation of the system.

The two basic elements of the system are Owners and Horses. Owners and Horses are linked together with an Ownership Percentage. Each Owner can have Ownership Percentages in many Horses and each Horse can have many Owners.

Charges are recorded in the system against Horses at the GST exclusive value. Using Charge Codes that you can tailor to your specific requirements, you can record various charges to horses under your care. Charges would include a daily charge for Training, Pre-Training or Agistment or ad hoc charges for Veterinary, Farrier, Floating or other services that are supplied to your horses.

The system has an End of Day process which takes each charge and divides it amongst the Owners based on their Ownership Percentage. If at some stage there are changes to the ownership of a horse, you simply copy the current ownership entry and make the changes necessary to reflect the new ownership. Once the new ownership details have been established, running an End of Day, will re-distribute the current month's charges according to the new ownership details.

When all charges for the month have been entered and the End of Day completed you can use the reporting facility to prepare your Owner Accounts. The reporting system also has a comprehensive range of reports which you can provide the infomation you require to manage the operation of your business. Information can be extracted from the system for transfer to your MYOB, Quickbooks or XERO accounting system or in a format that can be accessed by Excel for any further processing that you may require.

The system works on a monthly cycle. In a typical operation mode, you will enter your transactions for the current month, send out your monthly accounts, wait a few days to make sure there no errors or omissions, then close off the month via the End of Month process, and then commence entering transactions for the new month.

The options available on the Tour menu will take you through all aspects of the system. Click on the screen display to show a larger view of the screen image. Feel free to contact Wilmat if you have any questions or would like to establish a free, no obligation trial of the software.