Stallion by Wilmat - IPhone Tour -continued

Stallion by Wilmat App - Charges

This screen displays a list of new charges that have been entered into the Wilmat Phone App.

When entering a new charge, use the search buttons to select a Horse and Charge Code from a list of available Horses and Charge Codes.

Click Add to add a new charge or select an existing charge if you wish to change that entry. Select Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Entered charges can be transferred back to Stallion by Wilmat. Refer to the Export function for further details.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Charges - Lookups

These screens are displayed when searching for a Horse or Charge Code within the Charges Entry function.

Select the required Horse or Charge Code and click the Select button to return to the Charges Entry screen with the selected Horse or Charge Code.

Stallion by Wilmat App - Export Data

The Export Data function will transfer data change or added in the phone app back to the Wilmat Server. Charges entered into the phone app will be deleted from the app. Once the data has been exported to the Wilmat Server it can be imported into your Stallion by Wilmat Desktop or Cloud systems.

After importing data into your system the data will be deleted from the Wilmat Server. Run an End of Day process to fully incorporate the new data into your database.